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The Happy Up stores love to be a part of playful and fun happenings. We host events (including birthday parties!) at our Edwardsville, IL location. And we love to bring the fun to you - so invite us to your shindigs, gatherings, and celebrations within the St. Louis Metro area. We know how to bring fun and games for all ages!

Kindermusik Playdates

Join us for monthly Kindermusik Playdates with Ellen Singh

  • What is a Playdate?

    It's a structured musical playtime featuring a particular theme. Children and their parents get to clap, stomp, sing, dance, pretend, and discover their musical selves. Playdates are about 45 minutes long and are open to any child, birth to age 5.

    Like all Kindermusik classes, the playdates are designed to promote a child's mental and physical development. For a more complete description of the benefits of Kindermusik, please click here: Kindermusik Playdate Complete Description

    Ellen Singh is a licensed Kindermusik instructor and has been leading our playdates for a few years now! She also teaches Kindermusik classes. For more information about her and the different classes she is offering, visit her blog or her facebook page.

  • Kindermusik Schedule

    Monday, Sept. 11th - 10am & 5pm
    Monday, Oct. 9th - 10am & 5pm
    Monday, Nov. 13th - 10am & 5pm
    Monday, Dec. 11th - 10am & 5pm
    Monday, Jan. 8th, 2018 - 10am & 5pm

Playdates cost $12 for one child, $3 for each additional child in the same family.

Ready to register? Great!
Fill out this pdf and turn it in, along with the playdate fee, at Happy Up in Edwardsville: Kindermusik Playdate Registration Form

Kindermusik Playdate with Ellen Singh

Create your own Happy Up Happening!

  • Birthday Party at the toy store!

    Ever wish you had a whole toy store to play in? We can make that happen with Birthday Parties. We provide space, activities, and employees to help wrangle your party people. You provide the refreshments and the party-goers. Awwww yeah!
    Flyer updated 03/15/2017
    Note: We are unable to host parties during the months of November and December.

  • Game Nights With Your Group!

    Happy Up is all about increasing the time people spend goofing off and playing games. Invite us to come to your event and we'll bring games designed for all ages and abilities. Game Nights (or afternoons) are perfect for your group!

  • Earn Toys for your Charity

    We are dedicated to supporting the people and groups that make our communities strong. If your group is on the lookout for a new way to get playthings for children and families, we can put the Fun in your Fundraiser!