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It's the tip of the iceberg! The Happy Up stores stock a huge range of toys, games, puzzles, dolls, craft kits, science sets, art supplies, baby toys, and other items. We truly do have something for every age and stage. Including your cranky uncle.

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Peek Inside our Winter 2017 Catalog

Gobs of goodies, lots to love, sure-fire fabulous gifts for everyone on your list.


Best Toys EVER

2017 ASTRA Best Toys for Kids

Every year, ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) member stores select their favorite toys and games for the year. The complete list can be seen here: ASTRA Best Toys Flyer

Yay Games!

Playing Around with Core Standards

Attention Teachers and Parents!  Many school districts are shifting to embrace core standards.  We've compiled a list of games that work with these standards and can be used at home for practice or in the classroom to lighten the mood.  Many of these show up at our Game Nights, so you know they're fun for all!  To see the listing or print out your own copy, clicky! Games to Support Core Standards 


What happened to your online store? 

After a lot of hard thinking, plus-minus list making, and talking with our customers, we came to a hard decision about our online store.  It wasn't providing the information our customers want and need.  So we've made a huge change and are not offering online purchasing through our website.  It is something that we will continue to think about and consider.  We have a new point-of-sale system in place that could make an online store more feasible. If a Happy Up online store is something that you would use and encourage your friends and family to use to buy toys and games, please let us know!